Teaching Curriculum


This curriculum acts as a guide of teaching basic computer skills to learners and at the same time making the learning process interesting. It was designed with the intention of teaching Math’s but you can edit it to suit your field of teaching.

Teachers and co-teachers guide learners.
  • Introduction to computers and computing.
  • Types of computers.
  • Characteristics of computers.
  • Principle of operation of computers.
  • Introduction to xo laptops and what makes them suitable for learning.
  • Introduce learners to safety precautions before they use the xo laptops to avoid accidents and damage to the laptops.
  • How to open and close the xo laptop.



  • Learners should point out the external xo features they see and identify them if possible.
  • This will help the teacher to identify what learners know and also making the lesson learners-centered and not teacher-centered.
  • The teacher should clear all misconceptions concerning the identification of the external parts of the xo laptop and as such give learners the correct answers.

Teachers and co-teachers

  • Powering on and off the xo laptop
  • Navigation through the xo laptop and this includes use of the keyboard and mouse-pointing tricks.
  • Manipulating the laptop where learners should be able to adjust the xo screen in games mode and typing mode.


  • Introduction to activities; teachers introduces leaner’s to activities and what they are
  • Leaner’s who are now equipped with navigation skills should point the cursor on different activities and name them. Learners should have their xo laptops in Home View.
  • Teacher and co-teachers should take learners through the activities starting from the basic e.g. write activity and thereafter build gradually to activities relevant to what they need to teach
  • Teach learners on how to use the activities and at the end of the session give them a small project/assignment to assess the impact of the training.

A typical flow of activities for teaching may be as follows:

Writing Activity

  • Introduce leaner's to basic skills of typing and keyboard use. 
  • Make use of Typing Turtle activity to increase the typing speeds of learners.

Learning Points

  • To create good composition, stories,poems,formal letters and songs.
  • Learning the basic keyboard skills and fast typing.
  • Designing essays and inserting images.

Wikipedia Activity

  • For researching information subject related information.
  • Getting history and biography of leaders and countries.

Etoys Activity

A good activity to create models, games, sounds, and graphics.

Learning Points

  • For mathematical shapes, educational games .
  • Allow learners to learn by doing.
  • Share their work with peers in class and around the word.

Calculation Activity

Aids in the calculation of:

  • Mathematical algebraic functions.
  • Trigonometric functions and equations.
  • Calculating simple arithmetic.

Chat Activity

This is a good communication and expression tool.

Learning Points

  • Sharing feelings.
  • Writing about their thoughts and feelings.
  • Improving writing,spelling and vocabulary.
  • Promote sharing of HIV/AIDS related information.

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