Volunteer With Us!

All volunteers will be assigned weekly tasks that they can work on from home. You can choose which task best fits you.

Volunteer Teams

Advertising Team

  • This team will be responsible for writing and posting adverts to various free and paid online ad boards. You will help in writing ads and posting them.

Follow Up Team

  • This team will work exclusively with volunteers who have been assigned duties. The main duty will be to send instructions to volunteers and making sure that volunteers are active and complete their tasks on time.

Fundraising Team

  • This team is solely responsible for online and offsite fundraising. The team is responsible for researching and applying for funding.

Media Team

  • The major work of this team is to promote E4N Foundation and its mission to media both local and international. The promotion can be done online or using local media.

News Team

  • This team will be responsible for searching, writing, editing and posting news to E4N website and blog. This team needs talented people who have a passion for journalism and can make readers lively and yearning for more.

Webmaster Team

  • This team will be responsible for designing, updating and maintaining our website and blog.

Support Group Team

  • This team will be responsible for mobilizing support for E4N Foundation in universities both local and international by promoting our work verbally, in print, presentations and getting other students on board.

Article Writers

  • The volunteers under this team will help in writing articles based on topics sent from time to time. The articles should be not less than 300 words.

Teaching Team

  • Volunteers in this team are expected to visit our project sites and help in training students and teachers on basic computer skills, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health.

If you have find the team that best suits your interest kindly send an email to the address below with your team as the subject:


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!