Monday, November 30, 2009

The Team Participants Meeting

The Team Participants have been meeting since 21st-23rd Nov 2009 and the last meeting was held on 28th Nov 2009,to discuss the problems we might face during the implimentation of the project and it's solutions.

The problems noted included;

Lack of enough resources to run the project.These included flash disks,broadband modem and printer.

Language barrier in areas where kids don't understand English or Kiswahili.

The following are the resolutions passed.

Organising a fundraising to raise $400 that will help in buying a printer,flash disks and broadband modem.

Training local people especially teachers who understand the local language to help overcome the language barrier.

The team participants will pay for their own transport,acommodation and any other related expenses to minimise project cost.

Our sincere appreciation to Adam Holt,Sandra Thaxter(mentor)Support Gang and Community review team for the exemplary and tireless support and suggestions,you are doing a great job.

If you would like to donate or help us fundraise the $400,kindly contact John Valent on +254728794515 or

The project proposal got approved and we are waiting for the arrival of 2 initial XO Laptops,before the project takes off.

Keep tuning for more updates!

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