Saturday, March 6, 2010

kids training still continuing.

We are really enjoying our time here with kids and we feel like not leaving!
On Friday,we were amazed by the number of kids who turned up for the lesson.Instead of having the usual 4 classes per day,we had 6 classes with 70 kids each.We contacted two classes at the same time using the 2 xo laptops with 2 two participants attending to a class.
In this lesson we only allowed kids to exchange their ideas between two groups in different classes using the chat feature on xo laptop.It was a wonderful moment as kids were really enjoying it.
They also shared the painting activity where they were painting the flaq of Kenya,and the outcome was wow!
We are almost finishing the kids training and it has taken a little bit longer because of the large number of kids.
Remember to keep tuning for updates.

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