Saturday, April 3, 2010

Handing over the xo laptops

We have finally reached the end of our project in Konyao Arid Zone
Primary School.

We stayed longer than anticipated because we wanted to see how the
teachers will conduct kids training and lessons in our absence.
We were satisfied with what the teachers did and decided to handover
the laptops to the school administrator.
The kids made sure that we dont leave with the laptops and as such
they were all around to see what happens!
We really appreciate the tiresome and exemplary work that the
following people did;
Adam Holt (OLPC)
Sandra Thaxter (Mentor)
Team Participants
Namasaka Isaac
Mary Oyundi
Elizabeth Khakasa
Bosire James
Kwemoi Daniel

without the help of the above people,we could not do what we have done.
We also appreciate the support and work of the area member of
parliament who is also the Minister for Information technology Hon.
Samuel Poghisio.
He visited us several times and really supported us!
We shall continue updating you with our next project.
Keep tuning for more

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