Monday, June 28, 2010

Brief History of the place we work in.

Here is a brief history of the place we work in.
The place is called Cheminy found in Kween District a distance of 380
km from Kampala.
The area benefits from good road network,mostly murramed roads.
The native people of this area are Sabiny,who are part of kalenjin.
There is no electricity right now but the government has promised to
electrify the area very soon.
We are working in Chemwania High School,which is a primary,secondary
and A-level School.
The school has a population of 900 stundents.
This is a brief history of the place.
If you would like to come and volunteer with us,you are welcome and we
shall provide you with accomodation.
For more information,
Team Leader

John Valent


Phone: +254728794515

Thanks and see you on board.

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