Friday, July 16, 2010

Kids training starts in Uganda!

Here we are again with another update from our Uganda site.

I can say,i am really enjoying my stay here together with my new
hospitable team participants: Esther,Kwemboi and Philis.
We have just completed the teachers training and we are starting the
kids training next week.
This is due to the exams which will be administered as from the time
of this update.
Now,the team partcipants are seriously working on perfecting their
skill so that when we start the kids training everything will run
My hosts have started teaching me the local language and atleast i can
greet and borrow drinking water in the local language!
The teachers traning has been one of the best i have ever conducted
and i fill that i should continue being with them.

One thing that keeps me going is the quote 'service is the rent we pay
for rooms on Earth'
For every teacher we train,inturn millions of kids will be trained.

Goodbye from Uganda!

John Valent

Team Leader

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