Friday, September 24, 2010

We are growing!

We the E4N Team are really happy to inform our donors,supporters and
blog readers that our team is expanding and we have started realizing
tremendous growth.
The number of schools who want to join the program has increased but we
have limited resources but this will be solved soon.
We are really happy of our Project Cordinator Sandra Thaxter because
she is doing a wonderful and exemplary job in running and cordinating
the project.
We also congratulate our volunteers who are helping us in designing and
implimenting the maths and HIV/AIDS curriculum.
We are in the process of assessing the impact of the training done in
all our project sites and this will give us an idea on how our project
has been doing.
If you have some few hours to spare coupled with the passion of the
vulnerable kids at heart,we will really like to work with you.
Just email

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