Saturday, October 2, 2010

Parents visiting our project.

1st of October 2010 was one of the best and memorable days in our
Uganda site.
This was the day when we received parents in our school and they came
purposely to check on our project as they had heard alot of things from
their kids.
To cater for the increasing demand of the parents to come and observe
what is happening in school,we had to set aside a day.
Parents started trickling one by one and group after group as early as
We had organised ourselves where we had kids to welcome them and direct
them to the room where we had the xo laptops.
Parents were amused to find young kids operating the xo laptops and
perfectly explaining to them step by step in the local language how the
green machines work.
Parents were really excited and we had to pull down the curtains at
5:00pm.We were very tired and completely exhausted but happy and
cheerful because we had set an impact in the community.
Till next time,bye for now.

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