Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are you willing to volunteer for E4N Foundation?

Are you ready to spare some fews hours a week to help the world's
greatest resource for change-the kids?
Do you have a passion at heart to held needy and vulnerable kids in our
communities to access quality and ethics-based education?
If you have answered yes to the above questions,then we desperately
need your help and expertise.
E4N Foundation is a charity with a main mission of allowing kids to
access quality education no matter religion,region and financial
As a volunteer you can choose to work online or in one of our project
You will help us in any one of the following,
website design and update.
Website advertising,
Proposal writing.
Computer training.
Online and onsite fundraising.
Forming support groups in colleges and universities.
Writing articles.
Drumming for support.
If you are willing to work with us,kindly contacu:
John Valent
"Positively impacting and changing lives"

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