Monday, March 28, 2011

We have received ten more xo laptops!

We are so happy to let you know that we have receoved ten more xo laptops that will help us expand our project coverage.
The laptops we have received run two operating systems-linux and gnome,they are fast and very pleasing to kids and they really love it.
Linux is very good for learning as it has a set of wonderful tools that makes the teaching of Math and science a breeze. On the other hand,Gnome resembles windows and it is used to impact the basic computer skills to learners.
Armed with the two operating sustems and the number of xo laptops we intent to open more centres in Kenya and Uganda.We already have a new site is Uganda located in Serere Village that is serving 20 kids at present but the number will rise slowly.
Our next project sites will be in Pokot in Kasei and one we are yet to decide.Our aim is to reach to as many kids as we can.
To Sandra and Holt,we are greatful for your help and support.
If you will like to volunteer,kindly contact us using
Bye for now.

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