Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brief history of the place we are working

Here is a brief history of the place we are working in.

We are working in Konyao Arid Zone Primary School located in Konyau
village.The area is a semi-arid region and one of the most remote
places in Kenya.
Its located North of Riftvalley Province.

It receives occassional rainfall and gets its water from seasonal
rivers from Uganda.

The area is mainly occupied by nomadic pastoralists and the main
economic activity is cattle rearing followed by bee keeping.

Due to the movement of pastoralists from one region to another,their
children dont attend school and as such their is a low school
attendance rate and high level of illiteracy.

Nothing is grown here due unpredictable rainfall and sand soil.The
animals reared here includes camels,goats,sheep and cows.

Students here attend classes only in the morning because of high
temperatures in the evening.

See the pictures above,and dont forget to keep tuning for more updates.

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