Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last lesson with teachers

Today we had a last lesson with teachers that in essence involved a
recap of what we had taught them since the begining of the training.

From Monday to Friday,we gave teachers ample time to explore and
experiment the xo laptop and during the normal training lesson we
allowed one teacher at time to conduct the training as if he/she was
in class.

We sat down and noted a number of mistakes and we worked on them
before concluding the training.

After the completion of teachers training,it was time to assess the
impact of the training.
One by one we called the teachers,interviewed them based on the
training done and main areas included introduction to xo
laptop,manipulating the xo laptop,preparation of lessons and teaching
materials using the xo laptop and trouble shooting.

The answers we got were very promising and every teacher strived to be
the best because we had informed them ealier,the best teacher will be
in charge of the computer lab we are going to set up in the school.

By now, rumours had gone around the school that there were computers
in the school staff room and everybody wanted to see them.
Most of the time while we conducted the lessons,pupils and
non-teaching staff would peep through the window just to have a
glimpse of the green machine.

Computers are no where to be seen in this region and during the 2009
National Census,after enumerators collecting the data and sending it
to the central office,the chief supervisor claimed that there was a
Computer Error with the data.
So the villagers were amaze and wondered who this computer is and why
did he create that error.
They thought computer is a person and not machine! You can imagine
.That is the condition in this region.

We have had a smooth time with the teachers because they were eager to
learn and they used to arrive 30 minutes before the lesson
started.Most of them even wanted us to give them the laptop s so that
they could learn at night.

Going by the interest shown by the teachers,we anticipate
students/kids interest to be amazing.

Next we are starting the kids training and please do not miss a blog
post as this is our target group.

Till then bye!

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