Thursday, February 4, 2010

Second Lesson with Teachers

We have had a second training lesson with teachers today and we have
covered, manipulating the Xo laptop and using it as a teaching aid.

The lesson lasted 4hrs instead of 2hrs because they always wanted to learn more.

Tomorrow God willing,we shall teach them on how to use the XO laptop
to prepare lessons and teaching materials.

According to the conditions here,we need a lot of input because theres
is a large interest to learn and explore the laptops.
We have also been approached by villagers who wanted to learn basic
computer skills through the xo laptop!

We are amazed by the interest the community has developed here and
imagine we have not even started kids training!
Most of them were peeping through the window just to have a glimpse of
the green and white machines!

I will keep you updated,so stay tuned!

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