Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teachers Training Started

After arriving in Konyao Arid Zone Primary School,we had a break
because we were very tired due to the journey that lasted 10 hours.

Today we officially started teachers training and it was such an
enyoyful moment , as teacher were eager to see the computers we had
come with and some of them were shocked to see the green machines
because they expected to see desktop pcs!

The lesson lasted 2 hours and we covered alot.

The teachers were fast learners and we had a smooth time with them.

We expect this training to take a short time than anticipated due to
the learning speed of the teachers.

After completing the lesson,teachers resumed their normal lessons.We
were free and we decided to visit the Konyao Secondary School,where we
had a 'mathematics talk' with students from grade 9 to 12 and it was
such a memorable occasion and the headteacher requested us to help
students in mathematics while we are around and we happily accepted.
Therefore,we have two lessons per day.

Our major aim is to be as productive as possible during our stay in Konyao.

The major obstacle we are facing right now is the limited number of
laptops we have and this is expected to worsen when we start kids
training.We kindly request for any help.

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