Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Succesful Deployment of xo laptops!

Finally we have reached the tip of the iceberg with our project in Uganda,it has been a wonderful pilot project.
Training of teachers and kids ran very smoothly and today we are deploying the xo laptops to Chemwania High School.
This project has been succesful through the generous donation of xo laptops from OLPC without which nothing could be done.
Special thanks should go to the team participants
Chelangat Esther,
Kwemboi Luscious and Phylis Chelimo.
They have done a great job in training both the teachers and kids.They also laboured to make sure that i learn some bit of the native language!

My heartfelt and sincere appreciation should go to Sandra Thaxter (My Mentor) and Adam Holt for the second-to -none support,encouragement and pieces of advice.You really did a great job!
All others including the school administration,kids and teachers also deserve a hand clap.
Thanks to all our blog readers for being with us.
Until next time,bye

Team Leader
John Valent

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