Saturday, August 21, 2010

HIV/AIDS Training Incoperated in xo

Here we are again and sorry for taking long to update our blog!
The laptop donation project is continuing and running very smoothly.
We are taking the project to another level by incoperating HIV/AIDS
training to our program.
This means that every kid and teacher will have a chance of learning
basic computer skills,maths,science and on top of that free HIV/AIDS
The HIV/AIDS training will focus on how HIV is transmitted,protecting
yourself and if affected ,how to take care of the patient.
We were compelled to do this because AIDS has an impact on the
education and performance school-going kids.
Remember,if you are not infected then you are affected.
We are working round the clock to design lessons and teaching aids for
this program.
Till next time,
John Valent
Team Leader.

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