Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update from Uganda Site-HIV training

Here in Uganda schools have just opened but the students turn-up is
still very low and this has greatly affected our HIV/AIDS training.
In essence,we had completed the Maths and science lessons but we
incoperated HIV/AIDS training to our project which we have just started
with our Uganda site.
We are still working on the training materials and we have added one
topic to maths that we shall cover side by side by with the HIV/AIDS
The HIV/AIDS training has started with alot of promise since we are
working with the Aids and Straight talk club of Chemwania High School
under the able partnership of Mr Namegale.
The Club is really helping us and we intend to reach all the students
in Chemwania High School and also the neighbouring school.
If you have any suggestion that will make this project a success do not
hesistate contacting us

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