Friday, September 3, 2010

Mathematic Curriculum 3rd Term Form 1(grade 9)

The aim of this Mathematics Curriculum is to help improve performance
of maths in schools.
The xo laptops will act as a medium of learning by use of its
activities especially Etoy and TurtleArt.
Aims and Objectives
By the end of this curriculum learners should be able to;
1. Manipulate and use the xo laptop.
2. Calculate and bisect angles
3. Define the word polygon and name different types of polygons.
4. Must be able to name,construct and state angle properties of
individual polygons.



A Polygon is a plane closed shape made up of straight lines.

Types of Polygons

These are polygons with 3 sides and 3 interior angles.

Types of Triangles
(Give properties)
Right-angled triangle.
Acute angled triangle
Obtuse angled triangle
Isosceles triangle
Equilateral triangle
Scalene triangle.

Angle Properties
Interior and exterior angles.

Constructing Triangles.

Special Cases

Three sides given
Two sides and one angle given
One side and two angles given.

These are polygons with 4 sides.

Special Quadrilaterals


Angle Properties of each quadrilaterals including interior and external

Drawing of quadrilaterals.

Each lesson will take two hours and the coverage will depend on the
understanding rate of the students.

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