Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update and Plans for our sites

We currently have four project sites and we are working round the clock
to bring more three schools on board.
Two schools have already been visited in Pokot region and the only
problem we are facing at the moment is the limited number of xo laptops
we have.Our mentor Sandra Thaxter has sent us some batteries wich will
help in replacing the others which were depleted.This will allow us to
get two more xo laptops that will be used to kick-start the project in
the two schools.The other school is in Uganda but at the moment all our
xo laptops are engaged and we might not be able to cover the school
All our sites fully help learners by providing them with basic computer
skills and we also teach Maths and HIV/AIDS.
We are expecting a team of volunteers from UK who will be visiting and
helping train learners in our sites.
We shall keep on updating you.

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