Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update from Chemwania and Cheminy sites,Uganda.

Our two project sites in Uganda-Chemwania and Cheminy are doing so well
and in Chemwania site the Team Participants led by Mali Amos have been
working round the clock to complete the HIV/AIDs training.We have seen
the number of kids increasing steadly as more kids report to school.
In the Cheminy site the story is different as the mumber of kids
dropped due to a number of them travelling back to schools.
But all in alll we are making progress and we anticipate to open more
project sites in the region.
The Cheminy site is led by Chemutai Leonard and he is handling
introduction to xo laptops and he is now on how to use activities.We
expect to stock this site with more teachers to cater for the number of
kids which is a bit more for one persons.
We shall continue updating you on the issues on the ground,so keep
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