Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally In Konyao Arid Zone Primary School.

We had been organizing for a trip to Pokot Region in konyao and we are happy to inform you that we are finally there.We arrived on Friday 29th at 3:00 Pm and the team comprised of members from Uganda.
We were a bit tired on arrival and we had to take a birth and relaxed before we proceeded to have a meeting with the Headteachers from the Primary Schools in the Districts who were eagerly waiting for us .The meeting kicked off at around 5;00pm and ended at 9:00 Pm.We had a million and one suggestions from the Head Teachers and this included having an ICT center in Konyao Arid Zone Primary School as it is centrally located and it will be in a position to serve both the community and the students from 13 primary and secondary schools from around.
The school has electricity now and there is already a building to host the ICT center that need some minor repairs like wiring.The temperatures here are sizzling hot and i need to stop there to look for water which is a precious commodity here.
Till next time thank you.

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