Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update from Chemwania,Uganda site!

We are very sorry for not updating our blog quite often and rhis has been brought about by unavoidable circumstances.

Chemwania is our pioneer site in Uganda and the project serves secondary school students of Chemwania High School.

Last week we resumed our training after 6 days of inactivity as the school was hosting the District Athletics Championship.

We embarked on a ground-breaking program covering the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS.At the end of the lesson,students were allowed 2 hours to chat with their friends where they were expressing their views about HIV/AIDS.

Students of Form One were not left behind either as they were introduced to Computers and computing and what makes xo laptops more suitable than other computers. This is a new class of 250 students that has been brought on board.We hope to complete the introduction to computing and xo laptops and afterwards engage them in Maths and HIV/AIDS.

The students in Chemwania are very interested and this has greatly boosted our programs.We have 6 teachers who are working tirelessly to help this students.

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