Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ICT Managers Training in Kibugat.

On 16th - 17th July we had a wonderful and a eye - opener training in Kibugat village in Kericho.The training targeted people who want to start ICT centers in their communities.

The training covered fundraisins ideas,business plans,reporting and sustaining a community center without external funding.

The training was delivered by Dr. Peter Day from Brington University in United Kingdom and helped by Edward Kibosek,research/BHASVIC students from Brington University.

Youth and Women from Kibugat also benefited from the program as they were taugh on how to use computers to blog on the news in the village.Kibugat now have an army of reporters who report on different happenings in the village.I think all the other villagers can adopt this approach.

Well done Dr. Peter Day and Edward for the wonderful program.

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