Saturday, August 6, 2011

Schools in Uganda Closes for Holiday

Our project has come to a period of rest for some few weeks to come. This is because the schools are going for a short holiday and they will be back in a couple of weeks. 

We had planned to have a holiday computer training program for the student in Chemwania High School but we were notified it against the Ministry of Education in Uganda to have holiday tuition. This therefore,implies that we shall have to wait for more than three weeks before we resume again
In the mean time,we are working round the clock to create support groups in the sites we are working on that will help propagate the impact of the project to new areas and also provide the necessary feedback on how the computers are changing the lives of students and the community at large.

Special thanks to go to our Ugandan Xo team led by Batya Gideon for the wonderful job they are doing in the rural communities.

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